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How to connect?

For TelepipeV2 (Recommended)

Open your Tweaker and go to Plugin Settings -> Configure Proxy.
Enter this URL in the box that opens: http://telepipe.io/config2.json

For TelepipeV1

Open your Tweaker and go to Plugin Settings -> Configure Proxy.
Enter this URL in the box that opens: http://telepipe.io/config.json

Why should I use a Proxy?

In general

Specific to Telepipe

What information is the Proxy collecting and why?

The information we collect is either used to keep track of and manage the players and/or to offer certain features such as Global chat.
There's also some information we collect for the purpose of showing interesting stats, for example: Connected Players per ship or Players per country.

Do note though, when we display players per country, we do not display that you in particular come from a certain country.

We collect the following:

Do note that all the information listed above is sent by your PSO2 client to SEGA, we do not collect any information from your computer that isn't already in the game packets.
Not all of the things listed above are implemented in TelepipeV2 yet and in some of the cases it may not be implemented or working correctly in TelepipeV1 either.

Later on, we might offer our players the option to record their account information, meaning that the proxy could completely save down a players character, inventory, equips etc so we could let them connect to a private server in the future with their pre-existing character all intact. This is not something we've decided on yet and would of course be completely up to the player if he or she wants the proxy to do it.

What is the difference between TelepipeV1 and TelepipeV2?

TelepipeV1 wasn't originally created to be a proxy for hundreds of people to use, it was first and foremost created for us to log and test packets in order to analyse the PSO2 protocol. For this reason, TelepipeV1 have GUI and is coded to be run in a Windows environment which turned out to be far more detrimental than we originally anticipated once we opened the doors for everyone to connect to it. We did as much as we could to remedy the problems that we saw, however it was clear that something drastic needed to be done in order to get to where we wanted. Due to all the issues we saw with the proxy, we started to play with the idea of a rewrite of the proxy so we could run it headless in Linux, however, there weren't much we could reuse from TelepipeV1 besides from the experience we gained and the knowledge we had gathered from it.

TelepipeV2 however is what came out from all of this, it's built in .NET Core. Because of this, we can run the proxy in any OS or server we want, be it Windows, Linux, OSX or even on Raspberry Pi running Rasbian. It's headless, so there is no GUI dragging down performance. It's modular, as an example, the discord integration is running in a seperate .NET Core program to avoid any interfereance that could pop-up (the discord bot can crash without this affecting the Proxy). It's built with speed in mind throughout the entire proxy and we even managed to get a hold of a superb server to run the proxy on located in Tokyo with a 2-3ms ping to SEGA's PSO2 servers!

Will TelepipeV2 be Open Source?

We have currently not decided on this, but we're considering it.

Will you distribute compiled binaries of TelepipeV2?

Same answer here, we haven't decided on this yet, but we're considering it.

I heard TelepipeV2 is in BETA, what exactly does this mean?

It means we're currently testing the stability, since we had to rewrite the proxy completely from scratch we need to give it a test run to see that everything works and iron out any potential bugs that pops up.

Does this mean I can expect a lot of 630 disconnects?

No, but it means that we can't guarantee that you will not see them. We had an issue earlier that did cause random crashes, however we believe we've now found and fixed the culprit behind it. But with that said, even though we don't think there are any more crash-causing issues, we can't be 100% sure until we've had a good test run.

Does TelepipeV2 offer everything that TelepipeV1 offers?

Almost, we're still missing the Title translations, we will however work on adding those as soon as we feel that it's confirmed that the previously mentioned crash-causing issue is 100% fixed. Basically, we want to be sure that what we currently have is fully stable before we introduce something new that may cause new issues.

Besides Title translations, there are some minor things that TelepipeV2 is missing that TelepipeV1 offer, however these things are either in the Discord bot (such as the ?proxy ships command) or "behind the scenes" stuff such as logging untranslated items for our translators to work on. These things will of course be added once we got feature parity on the parts that our users will see while they play.

Item, Visiphone, Block translations are all in place, along with the options to turn them on and off.

Global chat do also exist with all the extra options such as changing the color and turning it off. However, it's not linked to the global chat in TelepipeV1 (mainly because we do not want to spend time on adding this since our plan is to close down TelepipeV1 once TelepipeV2 is complete).

Who is that mascot chibi girl you guys keep using for TelepipeV2?

This is C-Tan (or C# Tan), we ended up using her (blame Aida for this, she found her) since the Proxy is coded in C#.
We welcome any Telepipe mascot contribution with open arms though!